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  • Autel Autolink AL529HD

    Autel Autolink AL529HD

    AutoLink AL529 Heavy Duty Autel’s latest member of its code reader family of tools, the AL529HD can not only diagnose OBDII/EOBD-compatible vehicles but also Heavy Duty Vehicles utilizing SAE-J1939 ...

    NGN 75,000.00

  • AutoLink AL609P

    AutoLink AL609P

    AutoLink AL609P The ABS/SRS + CAN OBDII AutoLink AL609P is built to help you determine why the Malfunction Indicator Light or the ABS warning light is on. Featured with ABS and SRS system diagnosis, ...

    NGN 50,000.00

  • MaxiSys MS906BT

    MaxiSys MS906BT

    MaxiSys MS906BT is the latest addition to the MaxiSys product line of advanced wireless diagnostic devices. The device is based on the Android operating system featured with the best possible coverage ...

    NGN 630,000.00

  • MaxiTPMS TS508

    MaxiTPMS TS508

    MaxiTPMS TS508 The MaxiTPMS® TS508 is a new generation TPMS diagnostic & service tool specially designed to activate all known TPMS sensors, read TPMS sensor status, check TPMS system health ...

    NGN 170,000.00

  • MaxiTPMS Pad

    MaxiTPMS Pad

    MaxiTPMS Pad TPMS PROGRAMMING ACCESSORY DEVICE The MaxiTPMS programming accessory device (PAD) is the perfect tool for busy shops. It frees up your TPMS activation tools for important projects. ...

    NGN 30,000.00

  • MaxiTPMS TS608

    MaxiTPMS TS608

    MaxiTPMS TS608 COMPLETE TPMS & ALL SYSTEM SERVICE TABLET TOOL As the first comprehensive TPMS & Diagnostic tool in the market, MaxiTPMS TS608 provides you with superior experience in TPM ...

    NGN 330,000.00

  • MaxiTPMS TS401

    MaxiTPMS TS401

    MaxiTPMS TS401 AFFORDABLE TPMS DIAGNOSTIC TOOL MaxiTPMS TS401 is a new generation TPMS diagnostic & service tool which features unparalleled sensor coverage and incredibly easy-to-use interf ...

    NGN 70,000.00

  • MaxiTPMS TS408

    MaxiTPMS TS408

    MaxiTPMS TS408 The MaxiTPMS® TS408 is a new generation base model TPMS tool, which is designed to activate all known TPMS sensors, read sensor ID, pressure, temperature and battery condition, pr ...

    NGN 85,000.00

  • MaxiCheck MX808

    MaxiCheck MX808

    MaxiCheck MX808 When it comes to ultra-portability, MaxiCheck MX808 is your perfect companion. Installed with a fast quad-core processor, MX808 offers maximum convenience and swift diagnosis. The int ...

    NGN 170,000.00

  • MaxiDAS DS808

    MaxiDAS DS808

    MaxiDAS DS808 (OBD-II Adaptor only) Box of OBD-I Adaptors costs 50,000 Naira Based on the Android operating system, MaxiDAS DS808 is featured with an extensive coverage of OE-level diagnostics. Inst ...

    NGN 310,000.00

  • MaxiDiag MD808 Pro

    MaxiDiag MD808 Pro

    MaxiDiag MD808 Pro The MaxiDiag MD808 Pro is built to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level. Loaded with oil service reset, battery registration and reset, parking brake pad relearn af ...

    NGN 120,000.00

  • Autel MaxiSys Elite

    Autel MaxiSys Elite

    MaxiSys Elite The MaxiSys Elite, the newest addition to the MaxiSys line of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools, is based on the fast and intuitive Android operating system. Powered by NVIDIA’s ...

    NGN 1,000,000.00

  • Autel MaxiSys MS906

    Autel MaxiSys MS906

    MaxiSys MS906 MaxiSys MS906 is based on the Android operating system and is featured with an extensive coverage of OE-level diagnostics at an affordable price. Built with Exynos 5260 6-core processor ...

    NGN 420,000.00

  • Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P

    Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P

    MaxiSys Pro MS908P Designed with the DNA of Autel’s diagnostics family, the MaxiSys is built to offer many of the prestigious qualities of the MaxiDAS DS708 with extreme ease of use and powerful di ...

    NGN 850,000.00

  • Autel Maxivideo MV208

    Autel Maxivideo MV208

    Maxivideo MV208 This premier Autel MaxiVideo MV208 digital videoscope is an ideal tool for examining difficult- to- reach areas normally hidden from sight. It features the ability to record digit ...

    NGN 35,000.00