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  • FVDI Abrites Commander

    FVDI Abrites Commander

    FVDI ABRITES Commander Currently FVDI is Distributed with the following Diagnostic Software:   1. FVDI ABRITES Commander for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat FVDI Commander for VAG Fea ...

    NGN 350,000.00

  • VAG 5054 PLUS

    VAG 5054 PLUS

    VAS 5054 PLUS (ODIS V2.02/Bluetooth Support/UDS Protocol with OKI Chip) The VAS 5054 PLUS is a universal diagnostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems ...

    NGN 60,000.00

  • VAG Tacho 5.03

    VAG Tacho 5.03

    VAG Tacho USB Version V 5.03 Lastest version 5.03, support VDO with 24C32 or 24C64. It includes the functions of  vagtacho usb 4.52 , vagtacho usb 4.0, and vagtacho usb 3.5 VAG Kombiinstrument / I ...

    NGN 35,000.00

  • VAG Tacho 3.01 plus Opel Immo Airbag

    VAG Tacho 3.01 plus Opel Immo Airbag

    Vag Tacho 3.01+ Opel Immo Airbag Features: Function: Change mileage, Read PIN code. Update for OPEL IMMO-1 IMMO-2 and AIR-Bag Tool Last version: 3.01 Latest update: VW Polo, Seat Ibiza Cordoba 20 ...

    NGN 15,000.00

  • Super VAG K Plus CAN Plus 2.0

    Super VAG K Plus CAN Plus 2.0

    Super VAG K + CAN Plus Features: 1. Supports Comprehensive model, supports the great majority of VW, Audi, and Skoda model. 2. Supports Comprehensive Anti-theft System, such as IMMO1, IMMO2, IMMO ...

    NGN 85,000.00

  • VAG COM 12.12

    VAG COM 12.12

    VAG COM 12.12 is a PC based diagnostic interface for all VW/AUDI vehicles. It can emulate the functions of Dealers' OEM Scan tools.   It has the following features: 1. Low price but strong functi ...

    NGN 25,000.00