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FF-6297 Pneumatic Oil Extractor


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FF-6297 Pneumatic Oil Extractor


Theory of Operation

The FF-6297 is an Air Operated Oil Extractor. A vacuum generator is adopted to pump into the transparent counting cup or simultaneously pump into the transparent counting cup and the oil storage tank by utilizing compressed air. Vacuum is generated under the effect of outside air pressure causing the engine oil to be pumped into the transparent counting cup or the storage tank.


The cup is transparent, heat resistant, weather resistant, corrosion resistant and of high strength and quality.

Primary observation and quantity measurement can be easily performed as a result of the transparent feature of the cup.

The pressure bearing capability is high. It is quick to obtain vacuum.

The power source for all functions is compressed air.

Oil pumping hoses of different diameters are provided to meet the requirements of various vehicles.

The oil storage tank and the counting cup are pumped at the same time so that the pumping speed and pumping quantity can be increased.

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